Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Hot Spot-- Stil Yoga Studios

January 2011--

I've been working with Doreen of Plank Designs the past few months.

This past week we went to one of her vendors, Stil Studios in Dedham, MA to do a catalogue shoot and sit in on a class.

Doreen in lotus before the class.


Relaxing after the class.

I immediately fell in love with the studio. A boutique adorned with tasteful jewelry, yoga accessories preceeds a large rustic barn door opening to a yoga studio.

Yoga teacher Betty shuts the door before class.

The studio teaches about 5ish classes per day, with a variety of instructors with a variety of yoga disciplinary backgrounds.

It's MBTA accessable, and drops you off literally a hop skip and a jump away from your destination. And if you've got time to kill, it's conveniently located in a shopping center with a myriad of clothing and accessories stores.'ll want to parooze AT LEAST one of them; being void of any window shopping desire is actually impossible.

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