Thursday, January 13, 2011


Winter 2010-

As many of you know, I'm an avid cyclist. I spend probably half of my time on a bicycle. No matter the hour or the weather situation, I'm usually down for a bike ride. However, winter in New England does pose some difficulties for cycling.

Snow and ice makes the standard commuting route a Cyclecross adventure course and my lungs usually burn with the fire of a hearty fire which is ironically cruel.

For Christmas, my amazing boyfriend got me this:

A Chari and Co neckwarmer!!!

Chari and Co hails from NYC, and sells a variety of really really awesome bike gear along with a crazy collection of awesome track and road frames. Needless to say...these guys DONT mess around.

Fuzzy interior (I'm such a sucker for anything fuzzy), microfleece exterior. Reflector strip on the back of the neck so you're more visable to other traffic, and an awesome cinch at the top of the warmer so it will be nice and snug, regardless of your facial bone structure.

If you are into being warm, comfortable and active during the frigid months, I suggest this piece of fuzzy goodness.

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