Wednesday, December 15, 2010


December 1, 2010-

Boston has been unseasonably warm this year. So warm, that many Bostonians prematurely nest when reads 32 degrees.

Ahem. (On a cold day off you will find me snuggled under the covers until an hour I don't want to pixelize on the internet due to shame.)

While the bonus of this season has been that Ye Olde Winter Beater Bikes are still in storage, it means that when the fates align and a cold day matches up with an event, attendence is sparse.

December 1st was one of these exceptional days, dipping below the 30 degree mark. Our faithful heroes Gavin Heverly and Joe Boudreau worried about attendance for their GOOD dance night.

But of course, against all odds, people started filing in at 11:15--and stayed until the Model closed its doors for the evening.

So essentially if my past posts haven't been testaments enough for these two DJs, I hope this little anecdote adds additional incentive for you to check it out.

These are just a few of my favorite photographs from the evening, the rest will be posted on GOOD's facebook page and blog.


Model employee Ryan kicks it up a notch on the dance floor. Seriously, this guy looks exactly like Russel Crowe circa "The Thing".

Model DJ and regular Tully dances like he's never danced before.

Freezepop's Sean Drinkwater caught in conversation.

Some serious acting out of Real Life's "Angel".

James freaking out on the dance floor!

The next GOOD is December 19th. SEE YOU THERE!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Boston Hardcore in Providence

December 3, 2010:

Let me premise this with I know NOTHING about Boston Hardcore. Nada. Neinte. It wasn't until about two years ago when I found out my landlord is the ex bassist of Gang Green that I even knew who Gang Green was.

So the past six months I've been going to a lot of shows that are nostalgic walks down memory lane for Boston born and breds. For me it was auditorially bad ass and anthropologically fascinating.

We got to Providence just in time for the second to last band: an awesome pop punk outfit called Man Overboard.

I did not spend my high school years listening to H20 on steady repeat, so while I was enjoying the maiden H20 voyage, people in the crowd were screaming the lyrics with such gusto their words resonated at the same volume as the microphoned lead singer. They. Were. Amazing.

My dude, despite being in tear-staking back pain, ended up crowd surfing and jumping back to back like a gazelle in the mosh pit for about 20 minutes. Nothing like seeing the man who is my rock freaking out with such fervor that could only be challenged by a 16-year old boy.

The past few months have been filled with incredibly shows--hope this trend will continue!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Give your Wednesday nights some SUBSTANCE!

November 24, 2010--

Dance photography continues to be part of my photographic freelancer curriculum. I really enjoy how unique each space is and challenging myself to capture ephemeral moments of glee from my friends and new acquaintances. Not to mention that the experience provides ample experimentation with shutter speeds and flash, FUN FUN FUN!

Photography exhibition of Rockstars and their children!

GOOD has crossed the river over to Cambridge, MA and now graces Zuzu one Wednesday a month with a new dance night--Substance. Whereas Bangers and GOOD are a myriad of musical influences from Annie to Voivod, Substance is primarily a synth-pop night cranking tunes that will make even the wallest of wallflowers step out onto the dance floor and work up a sweat. The place was positively throbbing with dance party energy, even those set at their barstool stations couldn't help but slug back a beer in a rhythm to the beat!

Here are a few images from the night, check out the GOOD blog for more shots and hopefully see you there December 23rd!

Dance floor festering with crazy lights and dancy beats.

Joe and Gavin are in the DJ booth, makin' you dance.

Viva Viva lead singer Dave Cave giving the camera some SERIOUS sass.

Rehydrating after an eventful night of making people dance!

As per usual, the DJs put some of the dancers in the mood...

Constanza and Geekhouse Bikes owner Marty Walsh.

Shandra dancing.