Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Hot Spot-- Stil Yoga Studios

January 2011--

I've been working with Doreen of Plank Designs the past few months.

This past week we went to one of her vendors, Stil Studios in Dedham, MA to do a catalogue shoot and sit in on a class.

Doreen in lotus before the class.


Relaxing after the class.

I immediately fell in love with the studio. A boutique adorned with tasteful jewelry, yoga accessories preceeds a large rustic barn door opening to a yoga studio.

Yoga teacher Betty shuts the door before class.

The studio teaches about 5ish classes per day, with a variety of instructors with a variety of yoga disciplinary backgrounds.

It's MBTA accessable, and drops you off literally a hop skip and a jump away from your destination. And if you've got time to kill, it's conveniently located in a shopping center with a myriad of clothing and accessories stores.'ll want to parooze AT LEAST one of them; being void of any window shopping desire is actually impossible.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Knifey Spoony, Now Denial Breaking in an Allston New Year

January 1, 2011-

The first night of the New Year I celebrated the turn of the times seeing Allston's Now Denial and San Francisco's Knifey Spoony at Obrien's. Amazing crowd, amazing bands, if you're in the market for some new ear candy I suggest checking both of them out. Now Denial frequents the Boston venue scene so you'll have plenty of opportunities to check them out live!

Stevo from Knifey Spoony

Knifey Spoony

More Stevo

Joe from Now Denial

Now Denial

Now Denial

More Joe.

This was show number one of using the 50 mm f 1.4 WITHOUT FLASH FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Not gonna lie, I kinda dig how the focal length and aperture infuse a sense of intimacy into these low fi sets. Looking forward to how I fare in more low light settings!

Friday, January 14, 2011

GOOD gets weird.

January 2011-

Well, I guess you know you're a photographer when you walk into a room with your camera and you're greeted by sneers.

Last GOOD I think I reached the pinnacle of paparazzi loathendome ("thats not a word" blah blah blah it's good enough).

Everytime I went up to a crowd of people, instead of drunken smiles and sparkling eyes gleaming for a bit of glass attention I was cast away with snarls, and an alarming amount of middle fingers. Something different. Right on.

So here are my favorite snarls and sneers from last week's dance night. Enjoy.

I'm not sure what my friend Will is trying to convey, cameras don't make noises.

This kid tried to come up to me and say something, but his friend just gracefully whisked his head away in some 80s heartfelt torrent of emotion and this expression was the only thing that was produced from his lips. Okay.

I know these are neither snarls or sneers, but I thought that it's rather interesting that the HAPPIEST PEOPLE captured of the night were those flicking me off.

Sad? Angry? Remorse? Regret? Who knows, maybe his friend.

I am without words.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Winter 2010-

As many of you know, I'm an avid cyclist. I spend probably half of my time on a bicycle. No matter the hour or the weather situation, I'm usually down for a bike ride. However, winter in New England does pose some difficulties for cycling.

Snow and ice makes the standard commuting route a Cyclecross adventure course and my lungs usually burn with the fire of a hearty fire which is ironically cruel.

For Christmas, my amazing boyfriend got me this:

A Chari and Co neckwarmer!!!

Chari and Co hails from NYC, and sells a variety of really really awesome bike gear along with a crazy collection of awesome track and road frames. Needless to say...these guys DONT mess around.

Fuzzy interior (I'm such a sucker for anything fuzzy), microfleece exterior. Reflector strip on the back of the neck so you're more visable to other traffic, and an awesome cinch at the top of the warmer so it will be nice and snug, regardless of your facial bone structure.

If you are into being warm, comfortable and active during the frigid months, I suggest this piece of fuzzy goodness.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

San Diego Revisited

December 2010-

As the holiday decorations go up and the college students take their month-long leave for their family residences I too made my way back to the San Diego homeland for a short stint in warmer weather.

As the city of Boston was ravaged by ridiculously charged winds and snowflakes, my four day stay doubled into a 8 days of sunshine, giving me a little extra time to make a wonderful, fantastic purchase...


Officially the most expensive piece of glass I've ever owned...Merry Christmas and empty bank account to me!!

My father lives in the oldest part of La Jolla, which lends to beautiful architecture marginal infrastructure and a curiously "vintage" (polite way of saying quirky and inexplicably half-assed) drainage system..

Yes, that is a cobble stone drainage system. Juxtapositioned with this house..

My favorite house on the hill exclusively because of its neo-colonial architecture style. I'm still grappeling with my vocabulary to pick out the right amount of adjectives.

The last evening in town I enjoyed a final Pacific Coast sunset, soaking up the final tableau of colors before the 3,000 mile trip.

...Yeah. That's real.

Local surfer coming in from a evening romp. This beach is incredibly exclusive as far as the surfer clientele is concerned--unless you prove yourself to basically be the best thing since slicest bread you get your ass handed to you, both on and off your board.

You know, don't mind me. Just lurking on your romantic evening walk together.


Anyways it was nice to catch up with the different atmosphere. And two of my favorite living creatures..

Sid Vicious, posing as Sidney Lapin, the most morose of morose bunny rabbits.

My dad probably teasing my dog into irritation in the most loving manner conceivable.

Welp San Diego. It was good. I'll see you in a year I guess.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


December 2010--

I've been on a computer hiatus for the past few weeks as I went to California and essentially spent most of my time collecting more freckles and *gasp* getting busy with my new 50 mm f 1.4. More stuff to come.

December was a busy month for GOOD--aside from the Model and the newly acquired Substance night at Zuzu, they just created a night called Action at The Good Life in Downtown Boston. The night started with the 80s bmx movie RAD and launched into a night of dancing.

The night we be bimonthly and the new space definitely lends itself to a more eclectic crew of people. Oddly enough there was an office party happening in the Action space, launching some middle aged break dancing, rafter dangling and tailfeather shaking that only our parents could compete with.

Superb Bicycles manager Jason Hollingsworth aka DJ Mayhem spins a set.

Local photographer Heather McGrath pauses mid dance for a pose.

Courier Ben getting horizontal.

Maniac smiling.

Please take a look at the Good wordpress for extra photographs, I try and keep it limited to just a few of my favorite on this thing!