Monday, November 22, 2010

Geekhouse Cyclcross Party--2010

Last Monday my friend Marty Walsh threw his annual Cyclecross party at Cambridge's Middlesex Lounge. Men in women in loud pink and green colored lycra kits danced the night away after a impressive display of strength, mental fitness and beer consumption in the Bold Sprints competition.

Joshua Robot races HARD.



Omnious Observers.

Royal H frame builder Brian Hollingsworth races Icarus's Ian Sutton.

Marty Walsh getting cheered (?!)

More racing!

Marianna, the winner of the women's sprints!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fashionistas, Yogis and Designers--OH MY!

November 2010--

My friend and recently voted fashion cream of the crop in Boston Naomi Mirando contacted me a few weeks ago about shooting Doreen Hing, a Boston-based fashionista with a knack for designing yoga accessories. Plank, her company, combines her cheeky British humor with swanky designs that yoga and fashion enthusiasts a like can agree on. FINALLY, a line of Yoga accessories that don't make me feel like envisioning Tevas, Whole foods and ill fitting pants in earthen tones everytime I enunciate the word Yoga. She spent the weekend of November 12th at the Louis Boston waterfront location with one mission: to get as many passer byers as possible to participate in a quick, refreshing 30-minute yoga sesh.


OBJECTION. What if they are not attired in proper stretchy garb.

*Ahem.* May I divert your pessimistic attention to..

THIS. Four plus inch heels. In a dress. Doreen is trying to show both the yoga and fashion worlds that both the active and the suave can coexist in one harmonic moment. There's no need for a specialization in wardrobe as far as yoga is concerned--you have a spare minute in your office?

No. Big. Deal.

Out with your friends, say on a leisurely stroll at the waterfront?

Sport a lotus for a moment of careful contemplation.

Worried your kids will impede on your practice?

...don't knock it until you try it.

Here are some of her new products and totes. Check her out!

Doreen with her cheeky, one of a kind yoga mats.

Purse/cell phone carrier.


Projects, Projects AND MORE PROJECTS

Summer/Fall 2010--

Wow. It's been far far too long since I've updated this. I promised myself I would try to create an update every two weeks, at minimum, to ensure that I'm really pushing myself photographically, but obviously the former has taken over the latter.

The past few months have been incredibly busy. In between the ceaseless job hunt, working at cafenation, interning with Proxy Apparel, starting my total website overhaul (stay tuned!!!) and being the SICKEST of my life (by sick, I do not mean "sick swells bra lets go down to the beach and hang ten with our bros super excellent happy time" sick that's familiar in my native land of San Diego, but sick "Oh hey, going to faint once every few days, be unable to exercise and essentially read the LOTR trilogy for a summer" sick), it's been crammed.

Good news: Projects A PLENTY!

Bad news: Confronting the harsh reality that my unrealistic aspirations of becoming a financial and employd rock mere months after graduating college are totally unfeasible.

A few posts ago, I introduced Gavin's dance night love child--GOOD. Good has become GREAT, drawing a eclectic crowd of Allston socialites, alcoholics, fashionistas, cyclists and musicians like zombies to flesh carrion. The turnout has been incredible, and I've been able to try my hand at more party photography, which has proven to be as awesome and ephemeral as I could've hoped, satiating my ADD.

Boston courier Ben getting rowdy.

Guest DJ and Bodega babe Caitlin getting spicy in her FABULOUS leopard onesie.

Fibers artist Hanna dancing about on the model dance floor.

Caitlin was so kind as to take a picture of one of my besties Hanna, myself and good friend Olivia being cutesy.

Well, those are the highlights from last time. I've got some more interesting shots all up on my harddrive that I'll post sometime in the near future for a "best of".

Until then, check out the Model Cafe every other Sunday (this Sunday) and usually the last Thursday of every month for their sister event--BANGERS.

ALSO--GAVIN AND JOE ARE CROSSING OVER THE CHARLES RIVER INTO CAMBRIDGE FOR SUBSTANCE, at Zuzu on Mass Ave. Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the debut evening, so I hope to see you all there!