Friday, November 20, 2009

Dancing Through the Torah

September to December 2009- I spent a few months taking photographs of Orcha Dance Theatre, a group of Boston University graduates united by their passion for dance. Dance Theatre creator and choreographer Gabrielle Orcha used her passion for Judaism to inspire "Dancing Through the Torah," a modern interpretation of the Torah books.

The group is comprised of five friends that by the glittering fates of modern dance class met in the greater Boston area and have been collaborating on several dance ventures ever sense.

This specific composition was the product of a year of careful planning in hopes of taking the show on the road for a northeastern tour.

Sure enough, their hopes were realized and the group has been on and off the road December and January.

I also had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman, Ben Pender-Cudlip, a freelance videographer who's been doing an eclectic assortment of independent documentaries and artsy fartsy films in the MA-CT area. Occasionally I take his picture on the job, hopefully I'll give him a plug one on this thing one of these days.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Credentials 7" Release Show

November 14, 2009-- Allston Punk Rock bands Anarcunts, the Credentials and the Scamps upped it in a Brighton, MA basement. Possibly the coolest lighting set up I've seen in a basement. Ever.