Thursday, January 6, 2011


December 2010--

I've been on a computer hiatus for the past few weeks as I went to California and essentially spent most of my time collecting more freckles and *gasp* getting busy with my new 50 mm f 1.4. More stuff to come.

December was a busy month for GOOD--aside from the Model and the newly acquired Substance night at Zuzu, they just created a night called Action at The Good Life in Downtown Boston. The night started with the 80s bmx movie RAD and launched into a night of dancing.

The night we be bimonthly and the new space definitely lends itself to a more eclectic crew of people. Oddly enough there was an office party happening in the Action space, launching some middle aged break dancing, rafter dangling and tailfeather shaking that only our parents could compete with.

Superb Bicycles manager Jason Hollingsworth aka DJ Mayhem spins a set.

Local photographer Heather McGrath pauses mid dance for a pose.

Courier Ben getting horizontal.

Maniac smiling.

Please take a look at the Good wordpress for extra photographs, I try and keep it limited to just a few of my favorite on this thing!

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