Sunday, January 9, 2011

San Diego Revisited

December 2010-

As the holiday decorations go up and the college students take their month-long leave for their family residences I too made my way back to the San Diego homeland for a short stint in warmer weather.

As the city of Boston was ravaged by ridiculously charged winds and snowflakes, my four day stay doubled into a 8 days of sunshine, giving me a little extra time to make a wonderful, fantastic purchase...


Officially the most expensive piece of glass I've ever owned...Merry Christmas and empty bank account to me!!

My father lives in the oldest part of La Jolla, which lends to beautiful architecture marginal infrastructure and a curiously "vintage" (polite way of saying quirky and inexplicably half-assed) drainage system..

Yes, that is a cobble stone drainage system. Juxtapositioned with this house..

My favorite house on the hill exclusively because of its neo-colonial architecture style. I'm still grappeling with my vocabulary to pick out the right amount of adjectives.

The last evening in town I enjoyed a final Pacific Coast sunset, soaking up the final tableau of colors before the 3,000 mile trip.

...Yeah. That's real.

Local surfer coming in from a evening romp. This beach is incredibly exclusive as far as the surfer clientele is concerned--unless you prove yourself to basically be the best thing since slicest bread you get your ass handed to you, both on and off your board.

You know, don't mind me. Just lurking on your romantic evening walk together.


Anyways it was nice to catch up with the different atmosphere. And two of my favorite living creatures..

Sid Vicious, posing as Sidney Lapin, the most morose of morose bunny rabbits.

My dad probably teasing my dog into irritation in the most loving manner conceivable.

Welp San Diego. It was good. I'll see you in a year I guess.

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