Friday, January 14, 2011

GOOD gets weird.

January 2011-

Well, I guess you know you're a photographer when you walk into a room with your camera and you're greeted by sneers.

Last GOOD I think I reached the pinnacle of paparazzi loathendome ("thats not a word" blah blah blah it's good enough).

Everytime I went up to a crowd of people, instead of drunken smiles and sparkling eyes gleaming for a bit of glass attention I was cast away with snarls, and an alarming amount of middle fingers. Something different. Right on.

So here are my favorite snarls and sneers from last week's dance night. Enjoy.

I'm not sure what my friend Will is trying to convey, cameras don't make noises.

This kid tried to come up to me and say something, but his friend just gracefully whisked his head away in some 80s heartfelt torrent of emotion and this expression was the only thing that was produced from his lips. Okay.

I know these are neither snarls or sneers, but I thought that it's rather interesting that the HAPPIEST PEOPLE captured of the night were those flicking me off.

Sad? Angry? Remorse? Regret? Who knows, maybe his friend.

I am without words.

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