Friday, September 3, 2010

Proxy Clothing Adventure!

After graduating from college, I began the both blessed and cursed dance that all post college students embark on: the perpetual job application tango.

In between the sudden urge to weep, pounding red bull and conditioning myself to find stress catharsis through running instead of any alcoholic substance I applied, applied again, interviewed, and cover lettered until the sight of a computer made me sick to my stomach.

While I have yet to acquire a full time paying photography gig, I was blessed to stumble upon an awesome opportunity as the visual coordinator for Proxy Apparel, a sustainable clothing company headed by the lovely Heather Jean MacNeil.

Based in Boston, MA, Proxy Apparel promotes sustainable living, from eating to clothing. Proxy currently sells a variety of jewelry and clothing items made by women's collectives in South America.

For more information on Heather and Proxy Apparel, take a gander here!!

I have yet to update the website, but here's a sneak peak into the new Summer/Fall items!

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