Monday, March 28, 2011

These times, they are a-changing.

March 2011-

Geez louise! I've been off the pixel map for awhile.

As of two weeks ago, I officially quit my college job of slinging coffee to working at Superb. I'll be getting my blog on over there with frequency so click it often for updates on new fabulous bike products, bike events and dance party extravaganzas.

Also, boyfriend ended his 8 year no pet hiatus and got a dog, which by proxy means that I sort of have a dog now. Sweet.

O hai.

...still is inconceivable how someone could actually abuse this little critter.

His name is Danzig. He is the man. If you don't know where that comes from do us both a favor, save mutual embarrassment and frustration and just google the name. You know where it comes from. I promise.

Up next: pictures from a myriad of shows, WRITE UP OF THE HEART OV STEEL COMPETITION.

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Feel What's Real said...

cute doggie ;)