Friday, February 5, 2010

California Vay-caying.

December-January 2009/10:

At 18, I left the sunny confines of Southern California to travel 3,000 miles into the eclectically seasonal Northeast for school. Since my initial departure, I have not been home for more than four consecutive days in three years, which may or may not get me a nomination for a terrible daughter award. A few weeks before winter break, my friend Karol was discussing his travelling itch, yet he had no specific destination in mind. It was then I jokingly suggested he come home with me and enjoy 70 degrees on Christmas, instead of slushing around knee-deep in snow. He laughed, I laughed, I exited g-chat.

Three days later he had formulated a two week itinerary of a southern California adventure. My longest and most unexpected trip home ever. Well then. So, what do you do when you have no school, work and two weeks to spare in San Diego.


Karol and my best friend from home Roxxy organizing our grand adventure at one of San Diego's finest animal-themed parks.

Sometimes the lines were long. My hair paid the consequence. Photo by Karol Sobczyk.

Other fun thumb twiddling passtime: the blame game.

Blame, and blame again.

Karol makes a new friend.

...annnnddd so does Roxxy.

PENGUINS. Which, according to are very savvy sea world docent, aren't as personable as their appear. Then again, what truly wild animal is? Apparently this is new knowledge? I thought every child learns that lesson after the first (or second time depending on how "forgetful" you are) time he/she sticks his/her hand into the chincilla tank at the neighborhood pet shop and feels not fuzz, but a barragement of wrathful bites.

Next, we took to the mountains of Julian, located approximately 90 miles away from San Diego proper to do some exploring.

Diving into the explorer spirit, we hiked through two to three foot grass instead of taking the paved root at the base of a mountain.


Adventurers trodding the unwieldy plantlife together.

Three and a half miles and about one and a half hours later, we arrived at the top of Stone Wall, one of the larger mountains in the Julian area that is a popular rock climbing location. Karol celebrates his accomplishment with a bounding leap.

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Roxxanne said...

I had so much fun on your vacay. More photo adventures to come soon. But those will be East Coast style. Lubber you -Roxxy