Monday, July 6, 2009

Bike Polo Project!

June/July 2009: For the past month and a half I have been working on a documentary about Boston bicycle polo. By working on, I mean being barraged by trial after tribulation directly followed by a misfortunate event. Despite all of our disappointments along the way, the documentary has its first rough cut (yachtzee!) and I will post it after a bit more post production work and love. Picture quality also unfortunately suffered.

About the project:

Every week a conglomerate of bike enthusiasts trek to the Western Avenue roller hockey rink in Lower Allston. Armed with their "beater" bikes (so named because they can take multiple paving impacts) and a six pack, they take to the courts in teams of three with the intention of scoring a goal at the posts located at the rink ends.

I'm going to be following the bikers for the next few months, stay tuned to more and BETTER pictures!

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