Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Esperia Grill Brighton, MA

9/10/08: Recently opened in early 2008, Esperia Grill has gathered quite a little set of dedicated regulars that religiously gather every lunch break. Here a dentist eats his meal and fondly recounts his first Esperia falafel experience.


blackirishblonde said...

My husband, who is Greek, turned 60on May 8th. Our two daughters decided to have a party for him and chose Esperia Grill in Brighton Center.They wanted it to feel like the small taverna atmosphere he grew up with in Greece. They contacted the owners,Timmy and Georgia, who were just wonderful!!!! 20 People arrived and the tables were arranged beautifully, flowers and all!!! From the moment we arrived the food started to appear. First we had mezethes (small plates of tasty morsels), then on to the roast potatoes,roast chicken, lamb chops, chicken and pork Gyros etc. It was a wonderful feast that lasted over two hours. Then came the deserts!!!!! I received phone calls from all of his friends( and their wives) the following day who couldn't believe how wonderful the food was (just like back in "the village"), which is the greatest compliment any cook here in the U.S. could ever receive from a Greek!!!! Esperia Grill went above and beyond for my daughters, and I can't thank them enough. A special thanks to their two sons and niece who were our servers!!!!!!! It was a birthday my husband will never forget!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for your comment! I agree, that place is definitely the spot for some excellent greek grub in the Brighton area.